Garrison Keillor and the Prairie Home Companion Cast, Final Performance ALbum

A Prairie Home Companion: Final Performance is the last recording of the show before the two year break. Recorded on July 1st 1987, the Prairie Home Companion: Fianal Performance has the feel of a goodbye tour with the spirit of a new group showing off. Filled with Prairie Home Companion Cast favorites and long-standing jokes the Prairie Home Companion: Final Performance is a must have. To hear some of this material live, Buy Prairie Home Companion Tickets today!

CD 1
Hello Love
Loves Old Sweet Song
Garrison Talks of Leaving
Tell Me Why
Jitterbug Waltz
The Storms Are on the Ocean
Powdermilk Biscuit Spot
How Can I Keep from Singing?
Songs of Parting;Greetings
Roy Blount Poem
I'll See You In My Dreams
Brownie & Pete
Spring Poem
Crow River Waltz
Buster the Show Dog
Oh Susanna
America The Beautiful
Adventures in Paradise
Aloha Oe
Intermission Medley
Stars & Stripes Forever
Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet
Meet Me In St. Louis

CD 2
The Sons of Knute Fishing March
News From Lake Wobegon
Sleepwalk, Eskray Love Lilt
Til Then
The Minstrel Show
Hawaii Aloha
Fool Such As I
One More Spring
Till We Meet Again
Songs of the Exiles


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