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A Prairie Home Companion: It's Only a Show is a two disk compellation of songs, skits, and News for Lake Wobegon compiled by the Prairie Home Companion Cast. The songs and skits have been compiled from over 30 years of A Prairie Home Companion Shows and include several tracks that are only available on A Prairie Home Companion: It's Only a Show. Although the album is great it is never quite the same as seeing A Prairie Home Companion Live, Buy Prairie Home Companion Tickets today!

Disc 1:
Oh Sister Ain't That Hot,
Beebopareebop, Rhubarb Pie
Bertha's Kitty Boutique
Dr. Wang
The Lives of the Cowboys: Big Messer
Old Yazoo
Tom Keith, Northern Woodsman
Roly Poly
The School Forest
Under The Stars
The Ten-Minute Macbeth

Disc 2:
Ruth Harrison, Reference Librarian
Wolverine Blues
Professional Association of English Majors
Guy Noir: Movie Shoot
Hula Lou
Jimmy, Our Bus Driver
Walk Over God's Heaven
Frisco Town
The Lunchtime Jamboree


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