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Church People: The Lutherans of Lake Wobegon is a two hour two disk album that complies News From Lake Wobegon, Stories, Sketches and Songs originally performed by the A Prairie Home Companion Cast. The Album is a full of "Good Lutheran Humor" and is a great way to get started with the Prairie Home Companion. Another great way to get started loving this comedy filled radio show is to see APHC live, Buy A Prairie Home Companion Tickets today!

I'm a Lutheran
Lutheran Tours: Vacation Guilt
Potato Salad
Elim Lutheran Anniversary with Philip Brunelle
Iniquity on the Tundra with Charles Keating
LYLE: Lutheran Youth League for Evangelism
St. Patrick's Day
The Story of Bob with Vern Sutton
Church Directory
Guy Noir: New Year's Eve Indiscretion
LOL: Lutherans On Line
Lutheran Polka
Summer Vacation
Flood: Floating Away with Your Pastor
Evelyn Lundquist Counseling Agency (ELCA): Easter Briefing
Church Organist


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