Outdoor Sign of the Fitzgerald Theater at night

The Fitzgerald Theater located in the theater district of Saint Paul is the home of A Prairie Home Companion. The Theater is currently owned by Minnesota Public Radio and has been remodeled to best accommodate the Prairie Home Companion. Before it was occupied by the Prairie Home Companion Show, the Fitzgerald Theater was known as the World Theater and was used as a movie house. In 1980 Minnesota Public Radio moved in and in 1994 it was renamed The Fitzgerald after Saint Paul native F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Fitzgerald Theater is the oldest surviving theater space in Saint Paul

The Fitzgerald Theater's primary use is for A Prairie Home Companion, but the large space has been used for political debates and in 2005 was used for filming the move A Prairie Home Companion directed by Robert Altman. In 2010 the Fitzgerald will celebrate its centennial and Minnesota Public Radio is currently seeking out opportunities to involve the cultural and literary community in marking this monumental occasion in Fitzgerald Theater History! Buy Fitzgerald Theater tickets today and be there to see the Fitz turn 100!


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