The Outside of the Acme Building with Guy NOir in block lettering

Guy Noir Private Eye is a reoccurring feature on A Prairie Home Companion. In the Guy Noir Private Eye skits, Garrison Keillor plays Guy Noir a private detective who works on the 12th floor of the Acme building in a city that "knows how to keep its secrets". Like most of the show this cities location is unknown but it is presumed that it is Saint Paul, Minnesota. When A Prairie Home Companion travels, Guy Noir is often in the city that the show is being broadcast from. Once Guy Noir flew to Hawaii to look for a missing Minnesotan.

The Guy Noir Private Eye skit is a satire and parody of Film Noir and Pulp Fiction genres that have been popular in modern culture since the onset of A Prairie Home Companion. While Guy Noir is played by Garrison Keillor every week, there are several reoccurring guest stars that are played by the Prairie Home Companion Cast. Some of these characters include Sugar the love interest of Guy Noris, played by Sue Scott, Jimmy a bartender, played by Tim Russell, and Wendell a boy who works at the deli counter, played by Tom Keith.

Along with the satire and the guest appearances, the Guy Noir skits almost always include a beautiful mysterious woman who suddenly appears and distracts Guy Noir from the task at hand. One such woman was described, "She was tall, blonde, in jeans that looked sprayed on and a T-shirt so tight I could study her bone structure. I could see she wasn't from Duluth. There were no chinstrap marks on her neck, her hair hadn't been deformed by stocking caps, she didn't have that roll of fat around her middle-her midriff was as tight as the cap on a pickle jar."

While the Guy Noir Private Eye skits are not as popular as the News from Lake Wobegon bits, Guy Noir is an integral part of A Prairie Home Companion and knowing his backstory is very important before coming to a Prairie Home Companion show, once you have done the leg work to uncover who Guy Noir is Buy A Prairie Home Companion Tickets here!


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