Scenic View of the fictional Lake Wobegon

Possibly the most well-known aspect and probably the most beloved part of A Prairie Home Companion is Garrison Keillor's "News from Lake Wobegon". On the Prairie Home Companion show, broadcast weekly on Minnesota Public Radio, Garrison Keillor reports on news and recent stories from the fictional town of Lake Wobegon where supposedly Garrison Keillor was born. Lake Wobegon seems to be the idyllic Minnesotan town where "The women are all strong, the men are all good looking and the children are all above average."

Lake Wobegon is inhabited by the Catholics who attend Our Lady of Responsibility and the Lutherans who attend Lake Wobegon Lutheran Church. These two populations who are perfectly half German and half Norwegian make up the population of Lake Wobegon, which is approximately 800 people. The citizens of Lake Wobegon all have jobs and run businesses or farm and most have a family story a mile long. The favorite food in Lake Wobegon is tuna hot dish and ice fishing is a common past time.

While Garrison Keillor maintains that Lake Wobegon is "real" he has shared that it is modeled off of Freeport, Minnesota. Although it seems to be a conglomeration of just about every small town you have ever driven thorough in central or northern Minnesota. Lake Wobegon is the seat of Mist County and is near the geographic center of Minnesota. On A Prairie Home Companion the closest real town the Keillor uses to give a landmark to Lake Wobegon is St. Cloud although Prairie Home Companion readers are not totally sure where Lake Wobegon is in relation to St. Cloud.

No matter where Lake Wobegon is or who lives there, "News from Lake Wobegon" is one of the best parts of A Prairie Home Companion and should not be missed. Buy A Prairie Home Companion tickets today and see Garrison Keillor tell stories of his boyhood home.


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