Rich Dworksy adding his musical talent to APHC

Rich Dworsky is the man behind the music on A Prairie Home Companion. Rich Dworsky was born and raised in the Twin Cities and comes from a musically gifted family. Rich's sister, Sally Dworsky is a singer and voice actress. Rich Dworsky plays the piano and is the resident band leader for A Prairie Home Companion. Along with his work with Garrison Keillor's project, Rich Dworsky also has released several CDs of instrumental music that he composed. His work, especially "A Morning With the Roses" appears on several piano compellations.

Rich Dworksy worked both on camera and behind the scenes for the 2006 A Prairie Home Companion film. On camera, Rich Dworksy played as the pianist and the band leader for the radio show and behind the scenes was film's conductor, arranger and composer insuring that the sound of the film matched the sound of A Prairie Home Companion as it sounds every week across the country.


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