A Prairie Home Companion is sponsored by several "businesses" some of which exist in Lake Wobegon, some of which are Minnesota traditions and some of which are just plain made up. Most weeks there are commercial breaks for said sponsors and most of the sponsors have some inside joke or backstory that only regular listeners to A Prairie Home Companion understand. If  you would like to be a real sponsor for A Prairie Home Companion, buy Prairie Home Companion Tickets today!   

  • The Sidetrack Tap
  • Mournful Oatmeal
  • Raw Bits breakfast cereal
  • Jack's Auto Repair and Jack's Warm Car Service
  • Midwestern Discount Store
  • The Bon Marché Beauty Salon
  • Bertha's Kitty Boutique (having locations in all the "Dales" shopping centers: "Roy'n'Dale, Airedale, Teasdale, Chippendale, Mondale, and all the other fine shopping centers.")
  • The Fearmonger's Shop, a purveyor of security devices for the perpetually paranoid
  • Guy's Shoes ("Guy's steel-toed shoes-so even when you strike out (ping!) you can walk away", also the purveyor of Guy's All-Star Shoes
  • Monback Moving & Storage (a mover is heard directing a moving truck as a backup alarm can be heard beeping: "Monback ... Monback ... (crunch) That's good.")
  • Rent-a-Raptor (Rid your home of mice, rabbits, squirrels, and pesky boyfriends)
  • Fritz Electronics ("Where everything you need is on the Fritz")
  • The recurring segment "The Lives of the Cowboys" normally has its own, Western-themed sponsors, such as Prairie Dog Granola Bars ("healthier than chewing tobacco and you don't have to spit").

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