Tom Keith at the taping of APHC

Tom Keith, one of the ensemble members of the Prairie Home Companion Cast, has been in radio since 1974. Tom Keith started his broadcast radio career with Garrison Keillor at St. John's University in Collegeville as a sound engineer. Garrison Keillor wanted a dialogue on the show and sine Tom Keith was often the only other person around, he got the job.

Today, Tom Keith is the primary sound effects man for the Prairie Home Companion Show on Minnesota Public Radio. Tom is often a part of the Prairie Home Companion Skits also. Garrison Keillor created the alter ego of Jim Ed Poole for Tom Keith. Jim Ed Poole grew up in West Saint Paul and often refers to Ma and Pa Poole and his Scottish heritage. Tom Keith no longer does the Morning Show but is still a part of A Prairie Home Companion.


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